$14 in 40 Minutes : $2 Per Bid
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$14 in 40 Minutes : Only $2  Per Bid

I Tried Trading Yesterday and Deposited $20 after 40 Minutes I Already Won $14 Just Bidding $2 Per Trade.  
I Search The Web for Tutorials and Tips How To Increase The Chance of Winning.  After a Day of Reading and Listening To Traders I Find a Simple But Effective Way To Increase The Odds.

Here Are My Trades History

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Make Tweaks In:

Chart Type : Candle Sticks
Time Interval: 30 Seconds
Indicators: Add 3 MA (Moving Averages)
Period  25: Type EMA Color: Red
Period 18: Type EMA Color: Red
Period 7: Type WMA Color: Yellow

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