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    1. Log in to Your Paypal Account.  Click Here to Log In

    2. Make a Screenshot of Your Payment. Press Print Screen on Your Keyboard.


    3. Now, Open Paint "Start menu" -> "Programs" -> "Accessories" -> "Paint" and Press Ctrl + V (Paste) to Paste the Captured Image of Your Payment to Paint.

    4. Select the Actual Payment, Press Ctrl + C, Open a New Paint and Press Ctrl + V.


    5. Make Sure to Delete the Transaction Details and Your Email Address in the Payment Proof by Using the Eraser Tool. Then Click Save

    6. To Upload Your Payment Proof Go to 

    7. Copy the Direct Link as Shown Below.


    8. Scroll down on the bottom of the page of the payment proof section to find the New Trend. Use the Insert Image Tool in to Insert Your Payment Proof.


    9. Your done.  If you have any problems regarding posting of your payment proofs, you can always file a ticket and we'll be happy to help you.

    10/22/15, 2:48 am